How To Use The Gold Consentrate Smelting Furnace

Smelting is a form of extractive metallurgy whose function is primarily to produce a metal from ore company. Where this smelting process uses heat and Chemical reducing agent to change the state of oxidation of the ore in the furnace furnace. Furnace equipment has a role as a source of heat transfer the heat generated from fuel combustion reaction by Burner in the fire box, whether it be a Fuel Gas, Fuel Oil or other types of fuel with air, whereby heat generated was transferred into the crude oil flowing in the tube. In the process of smelting ore concentrate in the form of fine sand that has a metal content of gold, silver, copper and minerals that contain other elements, then there are three stages of the smelting process used.

The first process Smelting Furnace:Ore concentrate that has been generated from a given mining with SiO2 flux. The results of this concentrate is introduced into the furnace heat furnace with high temperatures between 1200 degrees Celsius and air flow are given, and usually free air compressor with 60% oxygen regulated. The purpose of this air is to oxidize the main impurity element in the form of Fe. From oxidation to FeO and Fe3O4 and starts cutting sulfur in the concentrate into SO2. The results from the smelting furnace and into the slag Cleaning
Slag Cleaning here are still a molten Cu Matte sulfur content because they are still a lot to be separated with the slag formed from the first process. In this process will use electric arc furnace. so the heavier matte and slag will be below the float, still heated. Here is a separate metal slag. To eliminate the sulfur content will be through the process of converting furnace
Converting Furnace In this process air is blown matte longer wear and additional ces flux limestone (CaCO3), because its main purpose is to oxidize sulfur, and using lime to keep the composition of the slag so as not to thick, very solid because of Fe3O4 can not be blown up with air.. After going through the process of converting the sulfur has begun to slow (0.8%) and are called blister copper is not a matte. Then proceed into the Furnace to print a Cu anode blister because it requires electrowinning for subsequent process steps.

These few examples of simple equipment for metal smelting :