Minerals mining is a huge natural wealth, where mineral resources are optimally utilized if the will is essential for the continuity of economic growth. In the belly of this earth to save countless millions metal content and non-metallic materials that can be utilized as industrial equipment needs of society at large. Environmental components that have the potential to support the development of a mining exploration to create jobs. Where mining exploration activities require the expertise of trained and skilled professional and technical personnel who may be widely available in local communities. In addition to the manpower requirements of mineral properties and mine development activities often require additional materials and specialized technical services. It is also often provided by the company's geological and mining engineering, who seek office in the local community to participate in exploration and mine development contract.
       Gold prospectors have won a lot of wealth and there is a finding that smaller-scale artisanal mining and managed by local residents. Natural resources are very abundant must be utilized efficiently and should refer also to the security environment. Because of environmental aspects will have a major impact on mining. But it also depends on how where we manage these resources.
       Mining business activities include the tasks carried out to search, retrieve minerals from the earth's crust, then process to be useful for humans. Broadly speaking stage in mining business are:
  1. Prospection (General Survey)
  2. Exploration. 
  3. Feasibility Study. 
  4. Preparation Quarry. 
  5. Mining. 
  6. Processing.
  7. Transportation. 
  8. Marketing.
Prospection (General Survey) is the first step in mining operations. At this stage of activities aimed at searching and finding mineral deposits and geological study the situation in general for the relevant area based on surface data. Mode used in the general survey data is to follow the instructions on the existence of the deposit is in an area, such as by way of "tracing float", geophysics, geochemistry, hand drill and others.
Exploration activities continued investigation is an exploration of the general investigation which aims to obtain certainty about the mineral deposits, namely concerning:
  • Shape, size and location of mineral deposits or standing 
  • Determine the amount and quality of reserves 
  • Physical properties, mechanical and chemical minerals 
  • Physical properties, mechanical and chemical surrounding rock, and others.
 A feasibility study is the evaluation and calculation to determine to whether or not the deposit is mined profitably based on economic considerations and bearing in mind the technical safety and environmental sustainability. In this stage of investigation needs to be done and price projections, and marketing in order to estimate the cost of goods and sales results.The report generated should be able to give a clear picture about the prospects for mineral deposits, so it can take decisions and next steps.
Mining Preparation Before mining begins to do the preparations such as making roads, building of offices, warehouses, workshops, preparing mining equipment, cleared the bush (clearing) and sometimes to overburden cover.