Mineral deposits of the ore is excavated materials that can be extracted or retrieved metallic mineral that is economically.The highly valuable metals to sell. minerals ore or valuable mineral components are naturally concentrated in the crust of the earth until certain minimum levels and depending on type of ore or mineral.
In the earth's crust there is a layer elements that form the rock-forming mineral ore rocks consist of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. sediment and ore formation is highly dependent on the formation of the two most important factors, namely the level of concentrated, location and size (dimension) of sediment.
Minerals in the rock formation in 3 parts formers:

  • Igneous rock-forming minerals: Composed of primary minerals such as quartz, plagioclase, biotite,orthoclase, muscovite, amfibol, pyroxene, and olivine. And there are also secondary minerals derived from analteration of primary minerals such as chlorite, sericite, kaolinite, calcite and serpentinite. But sometimes there are additional minerals that appear in these rocks such as corundum, hematite, apatite, and limonite.   
  • Mineral formation consists of sedimentary rocks: Calcite, dolomite is the main mineral of limestone. However, clay minerals such as kaolinite clays, monmorilonit, haloysit, anhydrite, illite, and gypsum are often also seen as the rock itself.    

  • Mineral formation of metamorphic rocks: Forming minerals are very important are chlorite, Talk,Aktinolitand asbestos. Forming this rock that has the value of economic resources is very high, because in this mineralhas an ore minerals such as: Gold (Au), Silver (Ag) and copper. And also there is an element ofprecious metals such as: Diamond, and corundum are used as gemstones: Talk, kaolinite, gypsum, calcite,asbestos, andanhydrite as an industry.
          Ore is a rock type that contains essential mineral elements, whether there is content of metal and non metal elements. And in general, metal ore is a compound oxide, sulfide, silicate, or even pure metals such as gold, silver or copper. Most ores in the world that in mine and sell the economic value derived from mineral ore deposited by hydrothermal solutions which in general is an area of ​​volcanic hydrothermal zone. And this ore have a precious metal element.
    Three important things in the formation of gold, namely:
    1. a reservoir containing gold, although the levels are not so great 
    2. hot water solution that can bring gold into the trapping 
    3. where trapping. Gold can be found in a number large enough at the core of earth and rocks fines, such as black clay 
    Two of these are potential reservoirs of this golden metal. There is little difference between the understanding of petroleum reservoir in the world with metal deposition. Petroleum reservoirs in the world more to the place where oil can accumulate in the reservoir while the metal deposition (reservoir geochemistry) is the place where the origin of the first metal discovered before experienced accumulation become economical.