Gold Processing Techniques In a Way Amalgamasi

The processing of gold-making Amalgamation is a process of extraction of gold in rocks containing the gold content of ore by using a chemical binder Mercury (Hg) as a catcher ore minerals. This amalgam process is the most simple and cheapest is usually used by small-scale miners, but on a large scale is not very effective and very expensive. The use of mercury in amalgam process was first used in 1828, despite the widespread use of new techniques is prevented due to the toxic nature of mercury. Around 1895, experiments conducted by GV Black showed that amalgam is safe to use, although 100 years later, scientists are still debating
         In the  Process Of Amalgamation is a common tool used is the drum machine as a means of smoothing the rock minerals and metals by mercury capture elements in rocks that are processed. This process is a process of chemical physics, product formed is the bond between the gold-silver and mercury are known as amalgam (Au - Hg). Mercury will form amalgams with all metals except iron and platinum. when the amalgam is heated, it will break down into elements of mercury and alloy. Amalgam can be decomposed by heating in a retort, the mercury will evaporate and can be recovered from the condensation of mercury vapor. While the Au-Ag still remained in the retort as a metal.
        Extraction Of Gold in the Process Of Amalgamation will be effective on the liberation of gold that were wholly or partly on particle size greater than 200 mesh (0074 mm) and in the form of pure gold that is free. The success of the processing of gold by amalgamation system is determined by the condition of metallic minerals from the ore in the pulp and conditions though. Conditions that cause ugly gold metal grains can not be wetted by mercury and can be divided into fine particles so that the process of amalgamation does not take place perfectly. Gold grains derived from primary gold ore is not oxidized is usually clean and shiny is good to get into the mercury in the process of amalgamation. And another thing to consider in this process is the element content of the oil carried by the ore is very disturbing in the process of amalgamation and can break down the content of mercury, so that mercury will be small grains and is often carried away by the tailings. Oil contamination can also be caused by oil from machine tools. If the oil spill to occur on mineral ore, it can be done roasting minerals that will advance the process. Or can also add cement or lime.

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