How The Gold Amalgamation Process

The process of amalgamation is the gold processing is a very simple process of mixing between gold and mercury (Hg). Amalgamation Technique performed by mixing rocks containing metallic gold and mercury by using a drum machine tools. Amalgamation of Gold Processing techniques are mostly done by small scale miners and simple. In processing system that uses gold amalgamation technique is desperately needed water, where the function is to separate the water between the rocks that have been refined and amalgam, which will result from amalgam mud in the pool will be at capacity reservoirs.
Some simple steps that are used in gold processing system amalgamation with drum machines are as follows:
  • Destruction of rocks from the mining conducted to obtain a smaller-sized rocks. Size obtained is usually ± 20mm. machine used is a machine or Stone Crusher Hammer Mill or Crusher Jaws
  • Rocks that have been destroyed then in put in drum machine with a capacity of drum machine used. In order to rarefaction and binding of the metal content of gold by mercury can then be left up to a quarter of the capacity of drum machine used. After all the rock mineral inserted it inside the drum machine was added to the water a quarter of the above rocks are included.
  • After all is ready for mashed inside the drum machine drum machine can be closed up tightly so that no liquid water in the machine until it comes out. Then let the mill running until approximately 4 hours or 5 hours. Until all the soft rock material such as flour.
  • After all the rocks are soft, then the mercury can be inserted into the drum machine, then run the machine back to the time between 2 hours. To 25 kg of material processed mineral rocks better use of mercury 2 kg
  • After all completed then all the mud from inside the drum machine is issued and placed in a large tub and on the inside of the drum machine can be sprayed with water, so that the remains of mud and Mercury are still attached to really clean the drum machine
  • Then the mud bath that contains you fill with water until it is completely full and overflowing from the tub of mud mixed with water will flow into the storage pool, whereas the binding of mercury amalgam will settle to the bottom surface of the tub. The addition of water is continuously performed very well, because when mud is thickened mercury can be carried away by the thickened sludge  
  • Amalgam that has been generated can then be filtered and squeezed using a parachute cloth until all the mercury out of the parachute fabric, it will produce the mineral content of ores that have tied up with mercury. Amalgam that has been generated and then decomposed into elements of mercury in gold bullion by heating the distillation because mercury will evaporate and be recouped to the condensation of mercury vapor that can be reused.     
Besides the distillation is another method that can be used to separate between the amalgam and mercury amalgam is by dissolving with nitric acid obtained by transformation of the reaction as follows:

HgAu 2HNO3 + -> Hg (NO3) + H2 + Au
Occurred after the deposition of gold in the form of foam, conducted separation nitrate solution. Mercury can be taken by the displacement of copper ions or other metal ions that have a more negative electrode potential of the mercury, by the reaction:
Hg (NO3) 2 + Cu -> Cu (NO3) 2 + Hg
Noteworthy in this method is contained in the silver content of mercury can reduce the infiltration. Periodically need to be done purification by distillation.
  • The results of the distillation process that has been split between the metal containing gold with mercury it can be readily Processed Fusion.
Furthermore, the solution in the form of mud that has been deposited in the pool, when it has dried transported to re-processed using the Cyanide (NaCN), Because of the efficiency of processing the results of amalgamation technique can only reach 60%. 

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