Creating A Simple Mapping of Land Gold

       In any mining operation or exploration we need to do a mapping of the land in an area that we will do some exploration activity, where the mapping is very important in order to reduce risk and support the exploration plan. Because, basically, mapping activities affect the continuity of exploration. With this mapping, we can see the beginning of the geological conditions of the working area and can see the potential resource deposits of the mineral deposits in areas that will be held exploration activities. This mapping is usually done at the beginning of the exploration activities. The first step is usually done in a mapping can be done by doing an analysis through a photo presentation by air or by using a satellite, where the presence of the review through the air we can see the geographic structure and local conditions and our land that will be held survey field.

     Once we know the initial description in detail the condition of the area and map the locations which we will survey the next step we can do a review directly into the area we have mapped through aerial photographs. At this stage of the survey carried out directly on the areas that we think have potential for economic mineral deposits. In making the gold potential map analysis of several factors required the presence of a mineral content of gold in an area such as the existence of hydrothermal water content which is a MINERALS GOLD FORMING PROCESS, sulfide minerals in the rocks, igneous rocks in the zone, and some cracks are present in the region. In addition, outcrops of rock outcrops that need to also note is the change or boundary stones, The Orientation Of Sedimentary Rock Layers, the orientation of faults and other signs. An important point should be plotted on a map base with the aid of equipment such as geological compass, inclinometer, altimeter, and natural signs such as the hills, valleys, river bends basin.
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