Optimising maintenance shutdowns in the mining industry | Curtin University

In the world of multi-billion dollar mining enterprises, maintenance shut downs are inevitable… and costly. Just one hour of maintenance down time can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Working in close collaboration with market-leading mining services firm Link force Engineering, Ryan Loxton and his research team have developed cutting-edge algorithms, that reduce maintenance down time cost sand optimise resource use in shut downs.

These algorithms are powering a new purpose-built shut down scheduling software that is unrivalled in the marketplace. It’s able to analyse the mass of complex,often conflicting, operational factors that go into shutdown planning.

From minimising resource use and prioritising high-value activities,to reducing personnel travel times and satisfying safety requirements.

Where manual scheduling takes weeks and introduces human error, this system generates an optimal schedule in less than a second,making for a smoother shutdown with less risk of costly overruns. Rigorously tested against actual shutdown scenarios, the system consistently delivered shorter and crucially always feasible schedules, resulting in significant customer savings.

This exciting new technology is ready to impactthe multi-billion dollar Australian mine maintenance market, with strong prospects for quick expansioninto other industries.