Gold Classifiers For Gold Prospecting

When go gold prospecting there are certain tools that can help recover gold faster. A classifier is basically a screen that can sift materials down to certain smaller sizes. When are digging and shoveling dirt into a classifier screen out the twigs, leaves, bullets and larger pieces of rock that you need to throw out because they have no value. This leaves smaller materials to examine or pan or run through other devices that capture gold.

Gold classifiers come in two basic colors: black and green. They also come in many screen sizes from 1/2 inch mesh and larger down to 400 mesh which is a fine as talcum powder or ultra fine flour.

The reason that this is important is because could can have a valuable gold deposit that is holding millions of ounces of micron gold that can only be seen with a pocket microscope,because people who have found large deposits of micron gold that are being mined right now. This kind of gold looks like sand and cannot be distinguished by the naked eye without a magnifying device. These deposits can be very very rich!

If using big digging equipment like a D-9 Caterpillar earth mover to dig materials, need to use a very large classifier screen attached to a sturdy wood or metal frame that has large heavy wire holes in it.

Screens out the bigger heavier rocks and still lets the larger quartz specimen’s and nuggets and flakes and fine gold go through the holes into the area where the materials will be processed.

When panning or dry washing, screening down materials from a larger screen mesh also allows to catch the larger gold particles above the next smaller level.

You can pick them out and put them in a container. Many people use small display vials for this so that they can show off their gold. Gold prospecting is fun and good exercise will find that by using some good gold classifiers that work will progress faster and will not tire as fast.