Top 10 Gold Mines In World

     Mining industry exists in many countries. While exploration and mining can be conducted by individual entrepreneurs or small businesses, most modern-day mines are large enterprises requiring large amounts of capital to establish. 'mining industry' is actually two sectors, one specializing in exploration for new resources and the other in mining those resources. The exploration sector is typically made up of individuals and small mineral resource companies, called "juniors", which are dependent on venture capital. The mining sector is made up of large multinational companies that are sustained by production from their mining operations. Various other industries such as equipment manufacture, environmental testing, and metallurgy analysis rely on, and support, the mining industry throughout the world. 
   There are different methods by which gold mining companies are ranked. One is by their annual production. Another is by their cash cost per ounce, that is, how much money it costs them to mine the gold. Since gold prices are the same everywhere, companies with lower costs per ounce make more profit. The most common method lists by market capitalization which considers the total value of capital holdings by that company. Also considered when comparing companies is their market capitalization per ounce of gold equivalent (sometimes abbreviated MV-GEO, EVO if the enterprise value is used) which takes the market value and total reserves and resources for each company as well as the price of gold into consideration.

     With GFMS now reckoning that the pent-up growth in global gold output may well have peaked last year with the various big, and small, new gold projects in the pipeline having mostly now reached full capacity, we could well see some further production downturns from some of the big miners this year, although their financial positions could be improving regardless given the recent concentration on cutting all-in costs – aided in many cases over the past year by the big fall in oil prices and the strength of the U.S. dollar.

Among the top producing companies, there have been some substantial gold output drops from the biggest miners, mainly due to divestments and closures – see table below.

Here is the list of the world Top Ten Gold Miners  2013 / 2014 (tonnes) 
( Source GFMS )

   RANK        COMPANY      OUT PUT 2013     OUT PUT 2014     CHANGE Y/Y  
1 Barrick Gold 222.9 194.4 - 13%
2 Newmont 157.5 151.2 - 4%
3 AngloGold 127.7 136.9 + 7%
4 Goldcorp 82.9 89.3 + 8%
5 Kinross 77.7 80.4 + 3%
6 Navoi (Uzbek) 70.5 73.0 + 4%
7 Newcrest 73.5 72.0 - 2%
8 Gold Fields 58.1 62.6 + 8%
9 Polyus Gold 51.3 50.8 - 1%
10 Sibanye Gold 44.5 50.1 + 13%

1. Barrick Gold Mining

     Barrick Gold Corporation is the largest gold mining company in the world, with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Barrick is currently undertaking mining projects in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, the United States and Zambia.

2. Newmont Mining

      Newmont Mining Corporation, based in Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA, is one of the world's largest producers of gold, with active mines in Nevada, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana and Peru. Holdings include Santa Fe Gold, Battle Mountain Gold, Normandy Mining, Franco-Nevada Corp and Fronteer Gold. Newmont also has many joint venture relationships. As of the third quarter of 2014, Newmont was the world's second-largest producer of gold, behind only Barrick Gold 
3. Anglogold 

       Anglogold was the world's third-largest producer of gold, behind Barrick Gold and Newmont Mining. AngloGold Ashanti Limited is a global gold mining company. It was formed in 2004 by the merger of AngloGold and the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation. AngloGold Ashanti Limited is now a global gold producer with 21 operations on four continents. The company is listed on the New York, Johannesburg, Accra, London and Australian stock exchanges, as well as the Paris and Brussels bourses.

4. Goldcorp Mining

      Goldcorp is a gold producer headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company employs about 11 300 people worldwide,engaged in gold mining and related activities including exploration, extraction, processing and reclamation. Goldcorp’s operating assets include five mines in Canada and the U.S., three mines in Mexico, and two in Central and South America. As of the third quarter of 2014, Goldcorp was the world's fourth-largest producer of gold.

5. Kinross Gold Mine

      Kinross Gold Corporation the Canadian-based gold mining company with mines and projects in the United States, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Ghana and Mauritania. Kinross began from the amalgamation of three companies in 1993, initially owning a mine in British Columbia and royalties on a mine in Nevada. Following a series of take overs and mergers, Kinross owns ten active gold mines on four continents

6. Navoi Mining 

       Navoi Mining & Metallurgy Combinat JSC engages in the mining and processing of gold and uranium in Uzbekistan. Navoi Mining  is one of the largest Uzbek companies involved in the mining industry being among the top ten largest uranium and gold producers in the world. The most important ore deposits of the company are located in the Kyzyl Kum Desert.

7. Newcrest Mining 

     Newcrest Mining Limited is an Australian-based corporation which engages in the exploration, development, mining and sale of gold and gold-copper concentrate. It is Australia's leading gold mining company and its operations have expanded beyond Australia, for example Indonesia, thus becoming a prominent international mining corporation. Newcrest’s primary gold and copper production in Australia is at Ridgeway (Cadia Valley Operations), Telfer, Cadia and Cracow and in Indonesia at Gosowong.Past and present exploration was done in the Americas, Asia and Europe. As of the third quarter of 2014, Newcrest was the world's sixth-largest producer of gold.

8. Gold Fields Mine

      Gold Fields Limited is a South African gold mining firm, one of the world’s largest, which is listed on both the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. It owns and operates mines in South Africa, Ghana, Australia and Peru. The firm was formed in 1998 with the amalgamation of the gold assets of Gold Fields of South Africa Limited and Gencor Limited.

9. Polyus Gold Mine

       Polyus Gold International is the largest gold producer in Russia and one of the top 10 gold miners globally by ounces produced . The company holds over 90 million ounces of gold reserves . The company's principal operations are located in Russia’s most prolific gold mining provinces in Eastern Siberia and the Far East and include 5 operating mines, alluvial operations and several advanced development projects.

10. Sibanye Gold Mining

       Sibanye Gold Limited is a proudly South African gold mining company with three principal operations, namely Kloof and Driefontein in the West Witwatersrand region and Beatrix in the Free State. Sibanye Gold is the largest producer of gold in South Africa and amongst the top ten largest gold producers globally.
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