Furnace Set Melting Oven Kit Set for Melting Gold Silver Copper Precious Metals

New Kwik Kiln Propane Melting chamber Set 21A Designed to melt around 2-5 ounces of Gold. This Kwik Kiln set can be used with Silver, Copper, Aluminum, Brass and other precious metals. The Kwik Kiln uses 2 propane or MAPP gas bottles (Not Included). 
Kiln Dimensions - Outer - 4" (101mm) Dia. x 4" (101mm) Height Inner - 1.756" (44mm) Dia. x 1.53" (39mm) Depth Wall Thickness 1.15"(30mm) Kiln Set Includes - 1 - Kiwk Kiln 1 pair of 13" Long Heat Resistant Gloves 1 - 1 oz Gold Graphite Ingot Mold 1 - 5/16" x 12" Graphite Stir Rod 1 - 4 oz Borax Casting Flux 1 - Set of Tongs 2 - Graphite Crucibles (Holds up to 6 oz of Gold Each) Propane Bottles not included This unit is portable - Take it with you and melt up to 5 ounces of gold! Designed for Jewelers, Metalsmiths and Refiners