Test Trenching Gold Mine

        METHOD trenching is one way of observing outcrop or in the search for the source of ore deposits and its purpose was similar to the test pit is to get part of the vein zone is oxidized in order to obtain samples of rocks in soil characteristics, but the difference is merely a way dig dug extends in the earth's surface with trapezoidal cross-sectional shape or trenching.
Making trenching is done with general conditions as follows:

  1. Only limited on condition that a thin layer of material outcrops where the soil is not too deep excavation
  2. The depth of excavation is generally at a depth of 2 m - 3 m, width medium or long, depending on the thickness of sedimentary outcrops. And excavation to look for examples of rock or mineral content of total volume to use mechanical equipment such as drag line or hydraulic excavators if local conditions allow for access by heavy equipment. 
  3. To find ore veins are hidden under the cover material to be excavated trench two or more directions, which are perpendicular to the possibility of open and found the ore veins are larger. If by chance two test trenches to find veins of ore outcrops, then the investigation can be immediately determined. Furthermore, to determine the shape and size of the ore veins are made more precise test trench parallel to each other and perpendicular to the nature of the ore vein 
  4. On the condition of the slope (tilt) can be made starting from a lower section, so that self drainage can occur mechanism (direct drying). 
From outcrop observations that test trenching carried out by digging soil mineral cover rocks relative direction perpendicular to the bedding areas (especially in sediment-covered) then we can find out information obtained, among others; engineering field bedding, dip coating, the thickness of the layer, the characteristics of bedding planes (no split or inserts), and can be used as an example of a location.
While in search of ore sources using a series of trenches relative to the direction perpendicular trenches ore body zone, then from the ore zone boundary, we can determine the data from alteration zones, zones of mineralization, the relative (general) and the slope of the layers, and can as the location of sampling. By correlating test trenching series is expected to mineral ore zone, sediment loss can be known.

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