How To Detect Gold With Metal Detectors

Metal detector is very important for use in a process of finding land that have potential metallic mineral content. Because the metal detector will be able to respond to the presence of a metal or any type conductive or magnetic materials in rocks in the soil. Metal detector is also very useful in the search for gold ore, so by using our metal detector equipment with easy to find a gold metal content. Various types of metal detectors at this time has been widely developed by various manufacturers and some manufacturers of metal detector maker also has characterized the search uses a mineral or metal targets.
      In the use of a detection of gold, a soil condition is affecting the operation of metal detectors is where the heavy minerals and heavy soil conditions will cause the electromagnetic field and result in shrinking the primary weakness of a signal on the metal at depth. And a soil in wet conditions allow greater penetration of the main magnetic field, providing better signal coverage on the basis of soil depth.
These few simple steps that can be used when we will start using a metal detector:
  1. Check the battery condition. Batteries should always be in good shape, so that when in use the metal detector can work well 
  2. Headphones should always be used when starting to use in search of minerals or metals, due to the use of headphones signal will be easier to listen. Some prospectors are also often add a device mounted audio amplifier to amplify small signals, so that small signals can be easily detected and more sensitive in receiving a signal.
  3. Discrimination should always be zero.
  4. Adjusting the audio so that the first tuning of the detector hum barely audible.
  5. Prior to the area of land that will be the detection phase and that we should be easy to distinguish the resulting sound detection devices, detection devices should be the gold we test first, you try to use metallic gold you have and bury in the soil at the depth of 30 cm and you listen noise and signal whether it is correct. And then you try to bury it back a small iron equal depth and listen to sounds and signals. The function of this method is to differentiate and to familiarize us with the sound generated from the detection devices. The resulting audio signal usually varies according to the type of target. Gold tends to produce short signals, signal a sharp metal object while generating broad signal.  
How to detect a metallic gold on a field: