Copper metal is a conductor of electricity and heat tool.A good thermal and electrical conductivity is very high. pure copper has a rather gentle and soft nature. So nice to use as a thermal conductor, a conductor of electricity, building materials, and various metal alloy constituents. Copper is also used for various purposes household appliances, to the biomedical component. Copper can also be combined with other metals to form alloys such as bronze. But we must also be careful of the nature of this toxic metal. This can occur when copper accumulate in the body due to the use of copper cookware. Elements Cu excess can damage the liver and cirrhosis spur.

Copper thinking about the symbol Cu and atomic number 29. In the Roman era, have a lot of copper in the mines and the most famous come from Cyprus, hence the origin of the name as сyprium metal, "metal of Cyprus", later shortened to сuprum. copper compounds commonly encountered as copper (II) salts, which often gives a blue or green color in mineral rocks at birth.
Copper mineral often formed in the oxidized zone and in the form of sulfide ore. If within a stone wall there are a lot of lime carbonate in the ore gangue which is the downward migration of metal sulfates can be predicted is the original copper which is a product of a general change of copper sulphide ore or greenish blue colored. In the oxidized zone of sulfide deposits of mineral water is sulfuric acid and iron sulfate solution. Copper sulphate in solution reacts with the carbonate or carbonate in acid solution, precipitation of carbonates such as:



Gold is a metal which is quite interesting for the talk. Who does not know about gold metals everyone knows and understands that the metal gold is a precious metal.  From year to year is always increase the selling price. Gold mostly used as a tool of jewelry, but in some countries also use gold as financial standards, as well as for electronic devices. The use of gold in monetary and financial field based on absolute monetary value of gold itself against various currencies around the world, although officially the world's commodity exchanges, the gold price listed in U.S. Dollars. Forms of use of gold in the monetary field is typically in the form of bouillon or gold bars in various units of weight grams to kilograms.

The formation of gold through a process magmatisme on the surface as well as activities vulkanisma making it a consequence of the existence of native gold movements in the earth's heat or thermal. Some of the sediment formed by the process metasomatisme contacts and hydrothermal solutions, while the mechanical activity produces Lay or placer deposits. And genesis of gold be categorized into two namely: